Going Out on a Post-Valentine’s Day Date? I Got You a Deal on the Sitter (Deal of the Day)

Did Valentine’s Day go according to plan? Or did you have one of those comedies of errors that tests your ability as a couple to weather adversity? Either way, V-Day is amateur night. It’s a nice reminder that romance is important, but it shouldn’t happen just once a year. It should happen every week.

And this week — the week after Valentine’s Day – is a great time to go on a date. The hoi polloi just spent their entire romance budget eating in overcrowded restaurants with prix fixe menus intended to gouge. But you were savvy enough to wait until now, when you can get a reservation at the place you like and eat what you like.

Need a sitter for that? I got you a deal on that, too, you savvy shopper: Download the Care.com Date Night app between now and March 3 and — if you pay the sitter through the app — you will get $15 FreeTime credit to pay her. That’s probably about 25 percent off of your date night sitter. Have fun!


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