Golden Mason Jars That Let You Give Thanks on Valentine’s Day

Golden Mason Jars That Let You Give Thanks on Valentine's Day

February 10, 2016

Receiving is wonderful, but only when you recognize what you have been given can you truly appreciate it. With this mason jar craft, you can show someone you care about that you truly acknowledge the gifts they give you and how thankful you are for them.

You can create your own ‘garden of giving trees’ with just a few trusty mason jars, some sticks, gold spray paint and wooden tags that list what you’re thankful for. We think spending about 20 minutes assembling this symbol of appreciation, is time really well spent.


  • 3 Mason jars, various sizes
  • Gold spray paint
  • 3 Branches
  • Wooden tags with letters
  • Copper wire


  • Black Sharpie, fine point
  • Utility knife
  • Wire snips


1.    Spray the branches gold and let them dry.

2.    Spray the inside of the jars and the tops of their lids gold and let them dry.

3.     Snip three lengths of copper wire and string on the letters to spell out “u” for the first jar, “give” for the second jar and “me” for third jar, then wrap each wired word around the mouths of the respective jars.

4.     Screw the lids on to the jars, puncture a hole with the utility knife, twisting the blade to widen the hole to size, then fit in the branches.

5.     Using the backs of the wooden letter tags, write the things that have been ‘given’ i.e. fun, romance, wisdom, patience, support, etc.


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