Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Warm Glow at the 2016 Met Gala

Gugu Mbatha-Raw was aglow on Monday night. (Photo: Getty Images)

Wearing a simple yet sophisticated dress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw chose to keep her visage just as clean and crisp. According to her makeup artist, Nick Barose, “This look was about tough attitude, so I went a bit stronger on the brows. This made the bold lips look tougher and not too feminine or glam.” With only a pop of color on the eyes and a nude lip, Barose made sure Mbatha-Raw’s complexion was the standout within her look. See below for how to recreate her flawless glow at home:

  1. First, Barose applied ($34) to keep Mbatha-Raw’s gorgeous makeup lasting all night.
  2. To create luminosity, Barose applied ($48). Also, to even out the skin tone, Barose applied ($35).
  3. In order to accomplish a matte finish with a touch of warmth on Mbatha-Raw’s skin, Barose dusted ($40) all over her face.
  4. He then swirled ($32) on the apples of Mbatha-Raw’s cheeks to give her skin a natural, rosy flush.
  5. Finally, Barose dusted ($44) on the bridge of her nose and on top of her cheekbones.

Photo: Getty Images

For the eyes, Barose chose to keep the focus on a darker brow:

  1. Barose prepped Mbatha-Raw’s eyelids with ($27) and dusted powder on top to set.
  2. He then filled in her brows with ($22) and brushed her brows with ($22) to set them. 
  3. To define Mbatha-Raw’s eyes, Barose lined them with ($25). Then he smudged ($29) into her crease to create a smoky-eyed look that he topped off with two coats of mascara.

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