Gwyneth Paltrow Has Expensive Taste in Sex Toys

Gwyneth Paltrow Has Expensive Taste in Sex Toys

May 12, 2016

This is certainly a surprise — Gwyneth Paltrow has released a list of her most recommended sex toys, including a flashy $15,000 gold dildo. This golden dildo alone should be enough to clue you in on how the rest of Gwyn’s list of luxury sex toys ultimately turned out, but truth be told, each product on the list seemed to be even more shocking than the last (who has $15K to spend on a dildo?!). 

Paltrow took to her popular website goop to create a list of what she calls her “Not-So-Basic Sex Toys,” and considering the price tag (and varying degrees of kinky-ness) of each item, it’s safe to say that these bedside toys truly are anything but basic.

A few of the less pricier options include a Fetish Fantasy Gold Beginner’s Fantasy Kit ($38), JimmyJane Seduce Me Feather Tickler ($69), and the Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls ($25), all honorable mentions at a much more budget-friendly price. Considering how varied the products are, we can pretty much guarantee that there’s something for everyone’s taste. So, if you’re looking to spice up your love life, take a peep at Gwyneth’s list for yourself here. Even if you don’t find something you love, it’s definitely worth checking out for entertainment purposes at the very least.

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