Hawaii Is Taking One Shocking Step To Put A Dent In The Tobacco Industry

There are cities across the U.S. where it is illegal to sell cigarettes to someone under the age of 21, but no states have yet to enforce the law Hawaii is trying to pass.

While the Governor of Hawaii has yet to say whether he will pass the bill or not, a lot of people think the proposed idea would be extremely beneficial for the young people in Hawaii.

The American Lung Association says that 90% of smokers first tried smoking by the age of 18. 

Should the law pass, minors caught smoking for their first time offense would be charged 10 dollars and 50 dollars for additional offenses. 

“This bold step will reduce smoking among young people, save lives, and help make the next generation tobacco-free.” -Matthew L. Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

A press release by Tobacco-Free Kids claims that "10.4 percent of Hawaii’s high school students smoke" and that "tobacco use claims 1,400 lives and costs $526 million in health care bills each year" in Hawaii. 

This proposed bill could help decrease the number of smokers significantly and hopefully start a trend the rest of the country could potentially follow.