He Decided To Build A Pond Like You've Never Seen Before. Prepare To Be Jealous

First they started with a big empty backyard.

They had to dig out a lot of ground if the pond was going to be deep.

Then the family had to add layers of plastic and material to the bottom of the soon-to-be pond.

A complex filtering system had to be made.

They then added pretty rocks and decorative pond-like elements to the surrounding area.

And then it was time to add the water.

And BOOM there is your very own backyard pond.

*With lights of course, because night swimming in necessary*

But just when you think it's complete, there is something else that needs to be done.

And the final touch was this awesome deck surrounding their perfect pond.

And now I'm jealous.

H/T Reddit

What do you think of this awesome swimming pool pond?! Have you ever seen anything like it?