He Went To Peru On Vacation, But His Vacation Ended Abruptly In A Hospital

The sensation was just odd at first. It then became incredibly painful. Unfortunately, dalecarlian wasn’t near any major city when he discovered what was happening. He had to wait a week until he was back in the capital of Lima to see a doctor.

Doctors recommended surgery as soon as they saw what was going on.

It turns out that dalecarlian had a botfly larva under his skin, as well as a cellulitis bacterial infection.

dalecarlian getting prepped for surgery.

This is the larva found by doctors after removing a chunk of his skin.

dalecarlian‘s surgery was a complete success.

The larva was about 1.5 cm long (0.5 inches). That just looks incredibly painful.

In the meantime, dalecarlian is still in Peru as he recovers from the bacterial infection. He later plans to return to Sweden.

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