Help This Woman With Ovarian Cancer Find Her Missing Wedding Gown

Suzanne Huber Martinchalk in the gown her grandmother made her for her wedding day. (Photo: KTBS)

When Suzanne Huber Martinchalk got married, she did so in a dress that her grandmother made for the occasion. Not only did it make the young woman look beautiful — the white velvet gown featured a high neckline and long sleeves with lace appliqué on the bodice and hem with tiny seed pearls — but it held particular sentimental value. “She made all my clothes growing up,” Martinchalk told KTBS about her grandmother, who recently passed away. “And I spent summers with her. So she was sort of my second home.” But now the dress is gone too, and Martinchalk is desperate to find it.

Martinchalk recently moved from Shreveport, La., to Colorado, and in the process, the piece was misplaced and then apparently accidentally donated to a charity. She would travel back to search for it herself but can’t because of her health. “I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January. It’s been especially difficult. I’ve ended up having two surgeries before I could start chemo, and I just recently started chemo,” she explained. “If I were well, I would have done what I could to get to Shreveport and start beating on doors myself, but I can’t go anywhere right now.”

The return of the dress, which Martinchalk views as her grandmother’s legacy, could make a big difference. “I’m really at my lowest, and anything I can do to try to give me a boost emotionally is going to help me get better, I think,” she said.


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