Here Are 18 Ways You Can Use Liquor (That Don’t Involve Drinking It)

1. Clean your windows with vodka.

2. Use the same mixture on your mirrors, too.

3. Make your plants grow strong with beer.

4. You can use vodka to refresh fabrics that can’t be washed, like your couch.

5. This mixture can also remove “thrift store smell” from clothes.

6. A shot of vodka makes pie crust extra flakey.

7. Remove sticky labels from glass jars by soaking them in vodka.

8. Sunscreen and gunk stuck to your sunglasses? Vodka can take care of that, too.

9. Rub chrome fixtures with vodka to remove grime.

10. Got a jellyfish sting? Pouring beer or wine on it will take the pain away.

11. Clean your jewelry by soaking it in gin.

12. Get rid of red wine stains with white wine.

13. Get rid of dandruff with vodka and rosemary.

14. Wash away the oils that make poison ivy poisonous with vodka.

15. Whiskey will deodorize a smelly cutting board.

16. White wine breaks up grease stains.

17. Dab a little bit of vodka on the sides of a Band-Aid to disintegrate the adhesive. Then pull it off without any pain.

18. Use vodka to keep your flowers fresh.


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