Here’s What’s Happening With Your Skin All Day

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Ever wonder what your daily actions do to your skin during each day? Whether it’s your morning cup of joe, a sugary lunch, or a restful night of sleep, every action you do has an effect on the health of your skin. To find out what exactly happens to your outer layer during the day, Yahoo Health spoke with Dr. Neil Schultz, an NYC-dermatologist and founder of BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz, for an hourly description of your skin’s daily changes. 

7AM Wake Up:

“When you first wake up, the level of the stress hormone, cortisone, is higher than usual, leaving your with a bit more oil than you would have at other points in the day,” says Schultz. To combat early morning oiliness, wash with a non-irritating cleanser like SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser ($34) to remove impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. 

10AM Coffee Run:

There’s nothing wrong with sipping a few cups of coffee in the morning to jumpstart your day, but caffeine can alter your skin’s appearance, especially if you have sensitive skin. According to Dr. Schultz, caffeine can be a great antioxidant for the body, but keep in mind it can increase circulation in the skin, giving you a more flushed, red appearance. 

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3PM After Lunch Slump: 

Eating lunch, especially if it’s full of refined sugars and simple carbohydrates, can spike insulin production within the body. “Insulin can increase oil secretion which would make your skin appear oily, especially in people with oilier skin,” says Dr. Schultz. Remove the late-day shine with oil blotting papers or prevent it all together by opting for a protein-rich, vegetable-filled lunch instead (like the salads of your dreams – without breaking the bank).

6PM Commute: 

During the day, your skin has been exposed to wind, sunlight, pollution and other environmental factors that could damage your outer layer, so skin is especially “exhausted” at this time of day. Keep this in mind before you decide to skip your nightly face cleanse and moisturizers, your skin will thank you for taking the time!

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10PM Bedtime:

With low cortisone levels, a makeup-free face, and a nightly increase in circulation, there are plenty of factor happening in the evening that naturally promote repair. Right before bed is an excellent time to apply products that need to be absorbed into the skin. “There’s nothing that would impede penetration into the skin, so cell rejuvenation and repair can occur more easily during the night.”

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