Here’s Why One Mom Doesn’t Care If Her Daughters Wear ‘Revealing’ Clothing

Bronte Newton, presumably dressed for a party. (Photo: Sarah Newton via Daily Mail)

Sarah Newton, a parenting coach and mother of two teenage daughters from Northampton in the UK, has just about had it with random people critiquing her girls’ clothing choices. Newton penned a piece for the Daily Mail explaining that, as a mother who wants her daughters to grow up with a positive body image, she lets her girls wear whatever they want – no matter how revealing or inappropriate other people might find their attire. 

“I’m proud to say I’ve brought my daughters, Bronte,19, and Freya, 15, up not to feel shame about showing their bodies off,” she wrote. “I also make a point of never making negative comments about other women’s bodies. Sadly I feel I may be the minority.” 

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Newton chronicles the judgmental comments and harassment she and her daughters get from mothers and other random people in public. “We were dressed up to the nines strutting across the hotel lobby when I caught the eye of a mother and her two daughters staring at us, or more specifically staring at my eldest daughter. She looked my daughter up and down in disgust, tutted and exclaimed to her two tweenage daughters, ‘If you ever go out dressed like that I will kill you!’” 

Freya Newton rocks an LBD. (Photo: Sarah Newton via Daily Mail)

Newton believes that making negative comments about her daughters’ and other women’s clothing and physiques will make her kids more self-conscious about their bodies. She also notes that she doesn’t find anything particularly inappropriate about the way her girls, one of which is a legal adult in the UK, dress either. “I’m not sure what gives people the right to tell my daughters to cover up, or judge me on my parenting because I choose to allow them to do what they want with their bodies,” Newton wrote. 

Whether or not you like the way Newton’s daughters dress, as long as they grow into well-adjusted women who value themselves and others, does it really matter if either girl wants to wear a dress with a plunging neckline?

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