How Old Is Too Old for Prom?

If you’re old enough to drink legally, you may be too old for prom. (Photo: Getty)

A high school senior at Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire may be flying solo to prom this year after his girlfriend was banned from attending the event. Sultan Akhtar is 18 and his girlfriend Kaitlyn Ozerchowski is 22 years old, which, according to the folks at Manchester High, is much too old for prom.

According to Fox 25 News, the school has a rule banning people 21 and older from prom to curb underage drinking. Akhtar’s mother Roxanne doesn’t see the big deal over her son’s girlfriend’s age and tried to make a case to get the school’s administration to change its mind. “He worked really hard, you know,” she told Fox 25 News. “He had good grades. Why should he be penalized because of the person he cares for? [His girlfriend is] not fighting and pushing to go to this prom. She’s just supporting him because he wants to go to the prom.” 

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Manchester Central High school committee ultimately voted 9-3 in favor of barring Ozerchowski from the prom, so she won’t be there for Akhtar’s big night. While the school should take precautions to ensure that their students aren’t drinking at prom, it seems silly to assume that banning people over 21 from the event is going to keep kids from alcohol.

On a personal note, I attended prom 10 years ago, and while there was no one there 21 and older, we still managed to drink alcohol that night, thanks to a few well-placed fake ID’s and older siblings who were willing to buy us booze. If kids want alcohol, they’re going to find a way.

What do you think? Was Manchester Central High right to keep Akhtar’s 22-year-old girlfriend from attending his prom as his date?

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