How to break the base habit for fresher looking skin


By Evie Leatham for The EDIT

A no-makeup look starts with super-clear skin. “Blackheads and dead skin cells are more noticeable with little or no foundation,” says facialist Teresa Tarmey. She recommends doing an energizing facial massage each morning to reduce puffiness and boost radiance. Try the Foreo Luna, a cleansing tool that gently vibrates, which stimulates circulation and encourages lymph drainage.

“Topical skincare can work wonders, but don’t forget about your diet,” says dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone. “If you have dry skin, it could be due to sub-clinical [invisible to the eye] inflammation. Treat it with anti-inflammatory foods and supplements and make sure that you have an adequate intake of healthy fats, found in fish, fish oils and extra virgin olive oil.”

Balance your hydration levels by applying a phospholipid-based moisturizer to skin straight after a shower, such as Zelens Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturiser.

Making vitamin C part of your skincare game plan will boost your natural radiance. “Vitamin C Ester is a fat-soluble molecule that delivers brightness and luminosity while firming skin and smoothing its texture,” says Dr Perricone, who used it to create his hit product Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15.

For a quick-fix glow, apply a facial oil such as La Mer Renewal Oil and leave to soak in for five minutes, then dust powder over the T-zone. “Oils give skin a dewy shine without looking greasy,” explains Rose-Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty.

Don’t go cold turkey and expect to like it. “Women get addicted to heavy foundation and feel vulnerable without it,” says Swift. Instead, opt for a treatment formula such as 37 Actives High Performance Anti-Aging Treatment Foundation, which combines wrinkle- and blemish-fighting ingredients with the light coverage of a sheer base. Alternatively, mix a drop of your usual foundation with a facial oil and press it into skin using the heel of your hand.

If you can’t forgo foundation completely, follow Bobbi Brown’s tip of applying concealer first, as you are less likely to be heavy-handed. For those going it alone, target-apply a cream concealer that matches your skin tone with a fine-tipped brush, then set it with translucent powder. Use the same concealer under eyes, too: “Pale illuminator looks obvious against a foundationless face and can make dark circles look ashen,” says Swift.

No base doesn’t have to mean no makeup at all. “Contour sparingly by placing an earthy brown hue directly under your cheekbones – it’s an old Hollywood trick that looks fresher than today’s heavy contouring trend,” says Swift. Try Burberry Beauty Face Contour, a slim crayon that is perfectly sized for shading under cheekbones.

Finish by applying a cream blush to cheeks and dab any excess onto lips to bring the look together.


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