How to Build a Food Stadium That You Actually Want to Eat

How to Build a Food Stadium That You Actually Want to Eat

February 1, 2016

In the last few years, food stadiums have become a must-have at any self-respecting Super Bowl party. For those not familiar, a food stadium is a exactly what it sounds like — a structure resembling a sports stadium but rather than fans, players, and refs, there are dips, chicken wings, and more of your favorite game-day foods

Over the past few years, food stadiums have become more and more popular, with the good, the bad, and the ugly showing up on sites like Pinterest.

For those who want to give this creative food trend a try, but don’t want to gross out party guests with trays full of unidentifiable dips and overcooked hot dogs, Yahoo Food is here to help. 

With the help of food stylist Diana Yen, of The Jewels of New York, we’re come up with a food stadium that you will actually want to eat. This indulgent stadium is packed full of your favorite game day foods: heaping piles of pigs in a blanket, spicy chicken wings, and creamy artichoke-kale dip.

Best of all, these impressive dishes are easily prepared ahead of time and stacked inside your architectural wonder (foil take out containers), leaving plenty of time for you to hang out with your guests and cheer for your team.

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