How to Disable Those Annoying Facebook Messenger Notifications

How to Disable Those Annoying Facebook Messenger Notifications

Daniel Howley

Technology Reporter
February 3, 2016

Facebook group messages usually start out innocuously enough. Maybe you’re talking with some friends about what you’ll all do for dinner, or which bar you’ll meet at after work. 

But then suddenly the message thread spirals out of control in to a seemingly endless stream of emojis, cat pictures, and Trump GIFs. And with each message, you get another annoying notification alert.

But there’s a way to end this group messaging madness. Here’s how:

Open Facebook Messenger, and select the chat you want to silence.

If you’re using an Android device, tap the in the upper right corner to bring up the notifications settings menu. Press and set the time limit for how long you want your alerts to be silenced. If you’re really tired of getting updates, just select  and tap .

If you’re using an iPhone, open the conversation you want to silence, tap the conversation’s subject line at the top of the screen, and. Choose how long you want to keep your notifications silent, and you’re set.

Now your friends can annoy each other without annoying you.


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