How to Give a Little Girl’s IKEA Bed a Canopy Fit for a Young Lady

How to Give a Little Girl’s IKEA Bed a Canopy Fit for a Young Lady

February 16, 2016

As a parent, it’s alarming to realize how quickly your children outgrow everything from their clothing to the furniture they use. Constantly trying to keep up can you leave you and your wallet exhausted.

We’ve got a great IKEA hack that will slow things down a little bit!

Turn your little girl’s bed into a canopy bed with just a few birch poles and a piece of fabric. She’ll feel all grown up, and you’ll feel like you just bought yourself a little more time. 

  • IKEA Kritter kids’ bed
  • 4 yards of white, sheer fabric
  • 4 birch poles, about 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Wood glue, such as Liquid Nails
  • White suede shoelace on a spool
  • White zip ties
  • Handful of dried leaves
  • Upholstery tacks

  • Small handsaw
  • Scissors

1. Saw off the sheep cutouts from the headboard.

2. Attach a pole to each corner of the bed with a layer of Liquid Nails and zip ties. Use at least three zip ties per pole, spaced a few inches apart — especially one at the top of the frame and one at the foot.

3. Wrap the points at which you secured the pole with a zip tie with white suede lacing, and tie off in a knot. 

4. Using upholstery tacks, fold your fabric in two and hammer two corners of the fabric into the tops of two poles at the foot of the bed.

5. Hammer the remaining two corners of the doubled fabric into the top of the remaining two poles, keeping a nice, loose drape. 

6. Toss a handful of leaves in between the two layers of draped canopy, and scatter them across the fabric to mimic natural leaf fall. Your little girl will be able to look up and feel as if she’s in an enchanted forrest. 


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