How to Keep Viruses in Remission

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Are Viruses Living?

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed on how to keep viruses in remission. Virus couldn’t be killed because it isn’t alive in the first place, it is a piece of genetic material wrapped into a sac and could live off in the body’s energy. The key is to keep the resistance high, immune system in check and if you are susceptible to virus it will start to affect the bodies – It has to do with the immune system. The most important part of the body that will keep viruses in remission is the adrenal glands, it adapt to the stress states. Being under stress, the body will be more open to viruses.

Virus Triggers:
• Stress
• Poor Nutrition – especially in trace minerals like low in zinc or selenium.
• Radiation
• High Sugar Diet

Anti-viral nutrients:
• Vitamin C – the most powerful antiviral (Sauerkraut, Bell Peppers, Leafy Greens)
• Vitamin A – cod liver oil
• Vitamin D – good to keep viruses in check
• Calcium – Calcium Lactate

Hello. In this video we’re gonna talk about how to keep your viruses in remission. The first thing you need to know is that viruses are not alive. They’re piece of genetic material wrapped in a sac and they’re actually dormant and they’re waiting until your resistance is low, you’re sick, tired and getting older. And then they come out and they invade your cells, hijack the copy machine and start reproducing themselves so it can then spread and destroy different parts of your body. So your own immune system then has to work harder to then counter that attack and that’s why sometimes it takes seven to ten days or even longer sometimes to dismantle these virus infections because antibiotics don’t work for viruses. Viruses are like everywhere in the environment. Now even in the sea, per liter of the sea water you have over a hundred billion viruses and they are there to help break down bacteria and keep the overgrowth of bacteria from coming to large and so they break down this bacteria and other microorganisms down to the very very small carbon atoms so they kind of help balance the excess of certain microorganism. Now the thing I want to tell you about viruses is that they can’t really harm you unless your cells let them harm you. In other words you have to be susceptible to the virus.There has to be some weak barrier or weak membrane and that comes mainly from stress or poor nutrition or even radiation and there’s other things that can trigger viruses. But stress is the big one. Most infections, what happens just before the person gets the infection or shall I say allows the virus to invade the body because the virus is already there, is the stress. Stress activated like herpes or shingles pain. So many different viral infections occur right after stress events.

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    Thank you! This is one I'll bookmark for later reference. I never had that understanding about viruses. Thanks!!

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    Dr. Berg, I remember you saying in a video from years ago that calcium citrate works for putting viruses into remission. Is this also still true? We have actually been using calcium citrate based on one of your older videos and have seen success with it. Can you please tell me the primary difference as to why one would be better than the other? Thank you so much, we love you!

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    Does calcium lactate work on adults? I've had a mild chesty cough for 2 months which the doctor said is viral and it just won't go away.
    I've been following Dr Berg for years so I eat healthy and have very little stress apart from aches and pains.
    Thank you.

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