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Hysterical royal family wardrobe malfunctions

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The United States split from Mother England more than 200 years ago (for more information, consult your local library, or Hamilton), and while we Americans enjoy certain pleasures not afforded to English subjects at the time — chiefly less hurdles to land ownership and taxation with representation — there’s one thing that we as a culture never quite got over: the lack of a royal family to watch, mock, adore, and obsess over. 

Keeping up with the Windsors was the original Keeping up with the Kardashians, and even though a massive culture of celebrity-watching sprung up in its place over the last few decades, we Americans still can’t get enough of the royal family: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Diana, all of them. We stay up late to watch their weddings and also, we delight, emphasize, and gawk when they act like red carpet celebrities … or embarrass themselves in public with an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. This story is about the latter. You’re welcome.

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