I Tried The New Eyeliner Correcting Pen And Here’s What Happened

From Seventeen

I love the look of eyeliner, but I also love to sleep. Most often, sleeping wins out over waking up 30 minutes early to put on makeup. I usually do at least a lightweight foundation and mascara, but eyeliner isn’t something I can throw on and run out the door without looking like I slept in it. But I love the dramatic eyeliner look so much, I’ve been known to fake it with a Snapchat lens. Oops.

I’m a beauty editor though; I should be able to apply eyeliner like a pro. That’s why I love any new tool that helps you achieve that perfect line. Enter Hard Candy’s Stroke Of Gorgeous Oopsy-Proof Liner Eraser. It looks just like a liquid eyeliner pen, but it’s actually makeup remover in a pointed tip. Sure, you can use any old makeup remover to fix your eyeliner, but again, I’m lazy. So, most likely I’m applying my eyeliner on the go. This pen is small enough to fit in a clutch (hello, prom!) and pretty mistake-proof. Here’s how it works:

Because I have hooded eyes, eyeliner that’s too thick on the top looks like my entire lid is black. And it can be challenging to get a really thin top line. You can see mine is way too thick.

So, I grabbed the Hard Candy pen and went to town thinning out the line and making it look cleaner.

If you’re removing a ton of eyeliner, your lid might feel a little wet from the makeup remover in the pen. I just used my fingers to lightly dab it off and it worked really well.

The line is much more polished. This is something I can easily do right before a date, or a party where I have to be a little more dressed up. It only took me one minute. And I don’t even have to get up early for it!

The Hard Candy Stroke Of Gorgeous Oopsy-Proof Liner Eraser is available now for $5 at Walmart.com.

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