If You Love The Night Sky, Then You’ll Adore These 20 Epic Things You Can Make

1. Craft a beautiful, galactic necklace

2. Make a luminous constellation jar.

3. Create some cool constellation wall art.

4. Make a space-themed scarf.

5. Create a galactic mobile.

6. Rest easy on a homemade space pillow.

7. Craft some galaxy envelopes.

8. Make a galaxy lamp.

9. See the stars, even when it’s raining with a space umbrella.

10. Munch on some delicious space bark.

11. Create some fun, nebular slime

12. Create a galactic bar of soap.

13. Make some starry wall ornaments.

14. Craft some galaxy jars.

15. Channel your inner artist with this galaxy marquee art.

16. Make some space wine glasses.

17. Decorate your favorite notebook.

18. Walk on the stars with these shoes.

19. Add some galactic flair to your wardrobe.

20. Create a constellation-filled guitar.


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