If You Relate To These 21 Moments, You're Probably Addicted To Makeup

This is pretty much your mantra.

Makeup makes you feel like a bad ass bitch.

You have serious skillz, but you still can't seem to get it to stay on for the duration of a night on the town.

You've experimented with contouring but have yet to perfect it.

Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!

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Getting ready in the morning is one of your favorite things to do.

You know all the names of the colors in your palettes.

You hate when people give you unsolicited advice on how to do your makeup.

You wear lipstick no matter the occasion.

You've stabbed yourself in the nose with a mascara a couple of times.

Some days aren't so good and you struggle with getting your eyeliner wings just right.

You don't buy white towels anymore.

Or white pillowcases.

You have scared yourself after getting out of the shower.

You're always looking to grow your collection.

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You have makeup everywhere.

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There's something exciting about getting your application just right on the first try.

There's a solution for every makeup problem.

Every one of your bags has a lipstick in it.

Sneezing right after putting on mascara sends you into a fit of rage.

You have to document your impressive skills with a #FOTD selfie.


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You can create the fiercest of looks.

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