If You Thought Duct Tape Was Just For Repairs, You Have To See These 25 Projects

1. Make a wristlet for your keys.

2. Cover an old tote bag in duct tape to make it waterproof for the pool or beach.

3. Fashion a belt out of duct tape.

4. Keep your drink cold with a duct tape koozie.

5. You can make a dress form replica of your body with duct tape.

6. Keep track of your credit or business cards with a DIY holder.

7. I can’t say it’s the most comfortable option, but you can make outfits out of duct tape.

8. Cut out some duct tape feathers.

9. If your floor is in bad shape, cover it up with faux tiles made from duct tape.

10. Duct tape flowers are pretty and make cute party favors.

11. Upgrade your fridge with metallic duct tape stripes.

12. Low on ribbon? Tie up a gift with duct tape instead.

13. Make a heavy-duty messenger bag or laptop carrying case.

14. This fruity purse is a fresh, fun take on the duct tape bag.

15. Make colorful, girly hair bows.

16. Save money at the hardware store and make a hammock instead of buying one.

17. Jazz up any outfit with a duct tape top hat.

18. Cover cardboard boxes with duct tape to make a chic desk organizer.

19. Cover a light switch or outlet in duct tape to give it some flair.

20. Cut up pieces of duct tape to make mini garland banners.

21. Make a sleek picture frame.

22. Use a spare zipper to make a toy pouch.

23. Craft a trendy bracelet using duct tape and silver studs.

24. Wrap duct tape around water bottles, and you’ll never forget which one is yours.

25. Make a wallet out of duct tape.

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