IKEA’s Nifty New $349 Bed Multitasks as a Clothes Rack, Room Divider, More

IKEA’s Nifty New $349 Bed Multitasks as a Clothes Rack, Room Divider, More

Kelly Phillips Badal
February 3, 2016

IKEA’s just-released GJÖRA bed is nothin’ to snooze at. 

In fact, if you’re a stylist or a lover of all things home design (like us!), this multiuse bed will jolt you awake to different design possibilities as surely as your morning cup of joe.

The solid birch bed looks simple at first glance, but take a second look at the ultra-high headboard rail. It can be used as a clothes rack! Alternatively, you can use the lower rail as the headboard and hang the higher end with fabric, creating a room divider or privacy guard.

And that’s just the beginning. Why not hang up every outfit for a week? Drape jewelry! Hang plants! Hang up a gorgeous Moroccan wedding quilt! Loop on string lights!


Did we mention it costs a reasonable $349? (The slatted bed box is sold separately, FYI.)

In case we sound too gushy, don’t worry. We’re not in love with everything the giant Swedish retailer does. There are plenty of IKEA items worth skipping and some great IKEA alternatives out there. But the company gets a lot of things right, and the GJÖRA looks pretty great.

The only (only!) thing we’d criticize about this bed is that the light-colored wood and rounded ends of the bed posts resemble baseball bats — an issue that could be solved by staining the bed a different color, adding a simple stripe, etc. Basically, the bed encourages all sorts of creativity.

DIYers, let us know what you come up with!

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