It Seemed Like Nothing Could Help This Little Boy, But Kindness And Science Saved The Day

Yahya’s facial deformities are saddening to look at, but imagine how difficult this situation is for the three-year-old boy.

Despite all of that, though, the kids in the village have accepted him. Even though he’s faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he’s a sweet kid.

It was surprising that Yahya survived infancy. Even so, living with this condition would always hold him back. That’s why his parents decided to take action.

Moved by Yahya’s plight, a woman named Fatima Baraka decided she wanted to help.

After a preparatory period, he went into surgery. His parents waited anxiously in the hospital until the procedure was over.

Even though the surgery took longer than anticipated, the brave little boy made his way to ICU to recover.

With a reconstructed mouth, he was even able to smile for the first time in his life.

The difference is astounding.

Yahya will have to undergo a few more surgeries, which will refine his nose and give him prosthetic eyes. But for now, he’s busy adjusting to his new face. His parents hope he will learn to speak soon.

Oh, and that’s not all. Yahya now has a younger sister named Amal. While there was concern that she would also have facial deformities, she was born perfectly healthy.


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