It’s Groundhog’s Day! Craft a Treat That Honors Punxsutawney Phil

It’s Groundhog’s Day! Take a little extra time this morning and enjoy your coffee with a playful donut. 

Donuts may not be the breakfast of champions, but sometimes, you just can’t beat their warm, glazed, pillow-y goodness. So, give the kids a treat the’ll go nuts for – we’re not quite sure who came up with “don’t play with your food,” but we’re happy to ignore them for the moment.

To add some fun to your donuts, chocolate mini muffins serve beautifully as ground hogs and dirt, and a tootsie roll or two completes the picture. 

Perhaps not a breakfast for every day of the week, but every now and again, we think something sweet is definitely in order. 


  • 4 chocolate glazed donuts
  • 6 chocolate mini muffins
  • Tootsie rolls
  • Decorator’s icing
  • Small pink candies
  • Googley eyes


  • Scissors


1. Stack your donuts.

2. Crumble 3 or 4 mini muffins to create “dirt.”

3. Lay the dirt around the donut stacks and on top of them, around and in the holes of the top donut.

4. Reserve two mini muffins to create your ground hogs and place them in the holes of your top donuts. Mound the muffin dirt around the ground hog, so that it looks like he is crawling out of the hole. 

5. Using scissors, cut two small feet and two ears out of a tootsie roll. You can mold the tootsie roll to achieve the shape you want. We used the scissors to cut little slits as toes.

6. Place the feet at the bottom of your mini muffin and make small slits at the top of it to insert your ears into.

7. Using icing, glue on two eyes and a little nose.


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