It’s Impossible To Be Sad Once You See These 26 Adorably Happy Animals

1. Guess what his favorite meal is.

2. He just can’t get enough of that ocean wind in his hair.

3. The least prickly hedgehog you’ll ever see.

4. This guy just saw his best friend across the room.

5. Trotting over to steal your heart with smiles.

6. “If I sit longer do I get more treats?!”

7. Ommmmm.

8. Meet the quokka: possibly the happiest animal on earth. Just try to find a photo of one not smiling.

9. “You mean I can keep him?!”

10. I look like this when I order from the ice cream man, too.

11. He LOVES bathtime.

12. “Look, this human is my size!”

13. That’s pure joy right there.

14. He makes this face every time he tells a joke.

15. This kid can’t get enough of the snow.

16. “I love you, man.”

17. Looks like someone might be ticklish.

18. Besties don’t get much cuter than these two.

19. “What? I like bananas, so sue me!”

20. One word: BUBBLES.

21. This level of adorable happiness might actually kill me with cuteness.

22. “Eat your greens, you must.”

23. “Aww gosh, you shouldn’t have!”

24. “I love picture day!”

25. “Nap time is the best part of the day!”

26. Swimming class is her favorite.

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