It’s Midnight In The Arctic Circle…And The Sun Is Shining Brightly

This photo was taken at about 10 pm in Finland.

This is what midnight looks like in Norway during the summer.

These cheerful houses in Svalbard can have their colors appreciated for days. This picture was taken at 12:01am.

When you’re camping in Denali National Park in Alaska, you don’t need a fire for light.

Midnight looks like sunset in many places, like here in Raykjavik, Iceland.

After so many days of complete darkness, people celebrate the return of the sun, like at this Midnight Sun Festival.

They camp out to see the all-night daylight.

For thousands of years, the return of the sun in spring was also celebrated with religious observances.

This photo was taken on June 1, 2007, and shows the lowest the sun gets in the sky over Norway. The sun did not completely set that year until July 21.


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