Just another random fact video.

Hey peeps!!!!! Why is it that in most of my videos I say I should have made a random fact video? I don’t really know why. I posted this video a little earlier than usual because I had to go watch a movie.
The reason nobody got shouted out was because nobody commented on my last video(not blaming anyone) and least when I made the video. So yeah, I really hope you enjoyed the video. If you did you know what to do because every YouTuber says this. Like, subscribe and/or turn on notifications if you don’t have notifications on already.
Wait, if you want a shout out in my next video, not that hard.
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Bye bye peeps!!!!!!!


One thought on “Just another random fact video.

  1. Kawaii Koala March 13, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Can u do the chapstick challenge? Get a bunch of chapstick, and then you try and guess the flavor

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