Kendall Jenner Mysteriously Drops $10 Million Lawsuit

The Kardashian-Jenner family has had their fair share of legal trouble, but they certainly always seem to come out on top whenever they do — which is why it’s particularly intriguing as to why the court recently dismissed Kendall Jenner’s huge $10 million lawsuit against a skin-treatment company named Cutera. She had accused the brand of using her face in advertisements to illegally make profits for the company’s business. Seems like an easy win, right? Maybe not. 

According to the Daily Mail, the company used her face in an advertisement for its Laser Genesis treatment that combats acne, claiming that Jenner used the treatment to get her flawless complexion. The ad read: “Acne ‘completely ruined’ Kendall Jenner’s self-esteem.” See it for yourself, below:

When filing the lawsuit, Jenner claimed that she never signed a deal with the company and that brands typically pay her eight-figure prices for endorsement. So, with such a seemingly strong case, what gives? 

We’re not exactly sure. The court dismissed the case without prejudice and the court documents don’t explain why, the Daily Mail reports in its exclusive. The original lawsuit did not dispute whether the star had used the treatment (she had even previously mentioned that she had used the product), but rather it claimed that she had not received any compensation for the use of her image and that she had no knowledge that it would be used at all. 

Although Cutera never made a public statement after the suit was filed, we can assume it had some pretty good evidence to support its case. We’ll be updating this story as more information comes in, so check back here for  the latest.

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