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Khloe Kardashian’s most painful relationship confessions

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Khloé is the Kardashian many people actually want to keep up with, because she is arguably the most relatable one in her famous family. Glamour magazine called her the most “normal” Kardashian, and BuzzFeed claimed she is “the best” Kardashian. The down-to-earth reality show star is relentlessly honest about her struggles with her weight, self-doubt, and love, which is why she has more than 74 million Instagram followers wanting to know more about her life, including her love life.

Unfortunately, that means Khloé has been forced to be candid about the times when her relationships have crashed and burned. First there was Lamar Odom, who basically cheated throughout their whole marriage. Then there was James Harden, who Khloé claims also cheated during their incredibly brief relationship. Most recently, and just before Khloé welcomed her first child into the world, news broke that Tristan Thompson, her baby daddy, was also allegedly caught cheating.

That would be a tough string of relationship failures for anyone to endure, let alone someone whose entire life is on television. While we wait for Khloé’s response to the accusations against Thompson, let’s take a look at her most painful relationship confessions.

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