Kids Will Love This Cool Presidents’ Day Craft

Kids Will Love This Cool Presidents’ Day Craft

February 15, 2016

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft your child can make this Presidents’ Day? How about building a replica of Lincoln’s Log Cabin?

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Although our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, never actually lived in it, his parents occupied this famous landmark and played hosts to the President there on occasion. It is a symbol of Presidents’ Day and a great starting point for a little creative time with the kids.

A Perfect Doodle Desk for Kids

completed edible log cabin

  • Chocolate Twizzlers
  • White frosting in a squeeze tube
  • Hershey chocolate bar
  • Tootsie Roll
  • Wooden slab
  • Black card stock

  • Utility knife
  • Hot glue gun

1.    Cut the chocolate Twizzlers into the same length, to serve as ‘logs.’ Use the frosting to glue them together one on top of the other to make a wall panel (you can do this laying them down on the table instead stacking them). Repeat four times to make a square cabin.

materials needed to make the cabin

2.    Make the base of the cabin by glueing the four panels together with frosting, upright. Use frosting to glue the cabin to the wood slab.

closeup of the cabin's side

3.    Break off half of a Hershey bar, lay it on top of the 4 ‘walls’, then glue it with frosting as a support .

4.     Cut a rectangle of card stock and fold it in half (across short width) to make an A-frame roof support.

5.     Lay chocolate Twizzlers across the A-frame roof, glueing with frosting as you go.

top of the cabin

6.     Use one rectangle of chocolate bar as a door and 2 small pieces of chocolate Twizzler, cut in half thickness, as steps. Glue them to the front with frosting. Then glue a tootsie roll to the roof as a chimney.

finished chimney closeup

7.     Cut tiny cross sections of chocolate Twizzler as stepping stones and hot glue them to the wood slab in a ‘pathway’ formation.


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