Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Problems: ‘I’m Hiding in My Daughter’s Closet’

She has plenty of money, mega fame, and a tight, super-involved family living nearby who can lend a hand in a pinch.

But according to the latest post Kim Kardashian wrote on her website Wednesday, it seems Mrs. Kanye West is going through the same blissful-stressful rough patch every parent experiences while learning to juggle the needs of two small children — her toddler daughter, North (above) and 2-month-old son, Saint.

How the Third Child Can Break a Marriage

Writing early in the morning, while she was “pumping and delirious,” Kim updated her readers with this post: “I’m … hiding in my daughter’s closet because if she [2-and-a-half-year-old North] sees I snuck out of her bed, she will start to cry AND I think she gave me a cold so I figure no better time to write a #StraightUp [post] than now!”

Sleepless and feeling like a milk machine, Kardashian wrote that although she was warned about how crazy things would get when she had not one but two kids to care for, it still came as a big surprise. The heads-up came from someone who should know: Kris Jenner.

“My mom would always say, about having kids: ‘One is like one, and two are like 20,’” wrote Kardashian. “I never really understood that until now. It seemed like every time Kanye and I would go out, we would see couples — or really anybody that had kids — and everyone would say, ‘Wait until you have two.’ Like it’s the end of the world!”

She added, “I remember Kanye and I would be like, ‘[What] are they talking about? Will our lives be the same? Are we going to be OK?!’”  

Are Smaller Families Better for Kids?

As Kim now knows, going from one baby to two is a huge adjustment. Research bears this out: Data suggests that in the first year or two after the birth of a second child, 65 percent of women report feeling less happy.

Why is that? As Kardashian reveals, dealing with twice the number of meltdowns, diaper changes, and feedings stretches parents thin — and it’s often the toddler who is the bigger handful: “This time around, I get no sleep. Every waking second that I’m not with the baby, I’m with North. I actually think the harder parts aren’t with the newborn but with the toddler! I feel like I go into overdrive to give my daughter attention and make her feel loved.”

Sounds like Kardashian is learning to handle the pressure by leaning on support from hubby Kanye and arranging play dates for North with her 3-year-old niece, Penelope Disick, who is Kim’s sister Kourtney’s daughter. “Kanye is super-helpful, taking North out to dinners (just them!), and I’m so lucky North looks up to Penelope a lot,” she wrote. “She also has a baby brother so she gives North the best advice. I have the cutest video of P giving North a heart to heart about being a good big sister.”

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