Lady Gaga Dressed As Her Old Self at the Met Gala

Photo: Getty

With her recent tendencies towards Old Hollywood glam and… David Bowie glam, we were mostly under the impression that Lady Gaga was a little bit over being , bolded and all caps. 

But her look at the 2016 Met Gala sure proved us wrong. Oh, what a look it was.

Instead of doing something futuristic, Gaga channeled a younger version of herself in a shiny silver leotard-and-jacket getup by Versace that wouldn’t have seemed out of place on stage at one of her earlier concerts. Sure, the sleeves looked like circuitboards — but the rest was just… kind of dated. Her giant, teased, brassy curls were straight out of the ‘80s, her pantslessness was no longer a shock, and her shoes were 10-inch-tall patent leather platform boots, which, again, is nothing new for Gaga. 

I mean, would you wear the same shoes you’ve fallen over in at the airport to the Met Gala? Just saying. 


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