In the ancient world, swords were used to hunt, conquer and protect. As such they provided food, land in form territorial conquest and maintained the mankind by protecting against enemies and wild animals. As such, it could be simplified that swords established and maintained civilizations. Here are 10 of the most legendary swords.

  1. The Sword in the Stone.


The sword is actually found in Italy. It is mentioned that Saint Galgano refused to change his earthly ways when he was instructed by Archangel Michelangelo. When he mentioned that his ulterior ways were hard to part with akin a sword cleaving a hard rock, he was told to spike his sword into the rock. To his astonishment, the sword sank inside the rock. This phenomenon forced his to repent and was canonised.

  1. The Kusanagi.


The Kusanagi – or sword in the snake is a legend popular in Japan. The sword is part of the imperial artefacts. It is mentioned that the sword was found in the body of a serpent with eight heads. Kept in the Atsuna Shrine in Nagano prefecture, the authorities have kept a closed lid on its existence. After the WWII, the late Emperor decreed that it be protected.

  1. Durandal.


Durandal is a sword found in Notre Dame, France. Legend have it that the owner of the sword, Roland, hurled it onto the cliff to prevent its being possessed by his enemies. It stayed there till 2011, when the municipality removed it and took it to Cluny Museum for safe keep ad exhibition. The period and the location of the battle leading to the demise of the sword-owner is inconsistent, its mystery and reverence is still a shroud.

  1. Cursed Muramasas.


Muramasa made swords. The legend have it that as a swordsmith, he prayed that his swords be vicious on battlegrounds. In case they were not used in the battles, they should push the wielder to murder or suicide using the same. A series of accidents to Shogun Tokugawa’s family led him to believe that the swords were actually cursed. He lost most of his family members through accidents and execution by the sword. Although the same sword design was made by the entire swordsmiths and were widely used during that era, the believe that the sword was cursed never eluded the warriors. As such, they were condemned.

  1. The Honjo Msamune.


This sword belonged to a Japanese priest. It was thrown in the water to assess its sharpness. However, legends have it that it refused to cut anything even air. The sword disappeared after the WWII. In was believed to have been gifted to an America soldier who never returned home. The sword was lost with him. As such its secrets have been buried forever.

  1. Joyeuse.


Since 1271, the Roman rulers were sworn in the office by swords. Joyeuse were the swords used for this purpose. There were two of them. It is mentioned that one of the shone brighter than the sun. It changed colours 30 times every day. Conflicting dates of the two swords – one kept in France and another in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna – have not solved the mystery of the true Joyeuse sword.

  1. St. Peter’s Sword

st peters

Saint Peter is mentioned to have used a sword to cut off the ear of a servant. Legends mention that the sword was brought to England. In 968, another sword – confirmed real – was taken to Poland. It is kept at the Museum of Poznan.

  1. The Wallace Sword


William Wallace had a sword which slew a tax collector – Hugh de Cressingham. Legends have it that when he was killed, his skin was used to make the swords hilt, scabbard and belt.

  1. The Sword of Goujian


The sword whose history dates back 2,000 years ago, who found in a tomb in China. The sword did not exhibit any sign of rust despite being in a damp tomb. Legends have it that the sword owner – King Yue Goujian, stated that the sword was forged with the help from heaven and earth.

  1. The Seven Branch Sword


seven branches

This sword with seven branches was found in Japan. It had six protrusions branching from its sides. Despite its poor conditions, it was analysed and found to belong to the Nihon Shoki, where a mythical shaman emperor was believed to have had the same sword.

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