Liam Neeson’s Son Was His Co-Star in That Super Bowl Ad

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Liam and Micheál Neeson (Photo: Getty Images)

You probably had a lot of questions after seeing Liam Neeson’s LG Super Bowl commercial. What kind of dystopian nightmare is this?, for instance. Or: What director got stoned and watched Tron on repeat the night before the pitch meeting? (That answer is Ridley Scott, who produced the ad.) Or perhaps you wondered who that handsome man sitting next to Liam Neeson was. It was Micheál Neeson, Liam’s eldest son.

In the ad, Micheál plays a younger Liam, Liam having come back from the future — sans souvenirs — to talk about televisions, we think. The ad is super confusing when you’re watching it unimpaired.

The two converse in a bar and then Micheál enters an LED maze on a motorcycle. There’s a briefcase that’s somehow integral to the forward action, though its importance isn’t clearly explained.

“Being able to work with my son Micheál has been absolutely wonderful and quite unique,” Neeson says in a behind the scenes featurette released by LG. “It’s also our first time acting together and it’s great to share the screen with him.”

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Liam and Micheál Neeson in their LG Super Bowl ad (Photo: YouTube)

Micheál Neeson is 20 years old; he’s the oldest child of Liam Neeson and his late wife Natasha Richardson. He’s got one acting credit to his name, a small part in .

“Working with my dad: a very cool experience, very cool,” Micheál says. “It’s weird seeing him in a different light to him making me do the dishes or waking me up in the morning.”


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