Lizzie McGuire's Fashion Choices May Be Outdated Now, But Her Style Will Live On Forever

1. When Lizzie first came into our lives and had to wear that horrible unicorn sweater for picture day at school

This was the photo she ended up getting…ugh, she was so cool. 

2. She rocked the retro look pretty well

3. And always had the best hairstyles

4. Even her mom was stylish

5. When she rocked that expensive outfit to win best dressed

6. And when her mind dressed herself in the most elaborate earrings you've ever seen

Lizzie, why can’t we be you??

7. Then Lizzie and her friends went to Europe and her style was even more amazing than usual

8. Like when she got to try this fun dress on

9. Or when she walked the red carpet looking like a total rockstar

10. Even when she was just strolling through the European streets

12. But, really, Lizzie was just a normal girl

11. Or that time she became a European pop star…of course her clothes were amazing then

13. Who fell a lot, but had great style while doing it

14. And when she acted like she had nothing to wear…no one believed her

15. Because she was Lizzie and and she was perfect