Make 20 Epic DIY Paper Projects Out Of This Absolutely Free Craft Supply

1.) Make a paint chip chandelier.

2.) Wallpaper your staircase.

3.) Make colorful gift tags.

4.) These color sample magnets are adorable.

5.) Make a rainbow, ombre art arrangement.

6.) Makeover a plain clock with paint samples.

7.) Make an elegant lampshade.

8.) Make a colorful dry erase calendar.

9.) Jazz up a boring coffee table.

10.) Make a fun garland.

11.) Weave together strips of samples to make a credit card holder.

12.) Make color sample coasters.

13.) Make unique business cards.

14.) This fringe curtain made of paint samples looks awesome.

15.) Make tiny notebooks.

16.) Cut your samples and make a mobile.

17.) Create gorgeous animal art.

18.) Make tiny boxes to hold trinkets or small gifts.

19.) Express yourself with framed art and custom text.

20.) Use paint chips as gift wrapping.

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