Make-Your-Own Valentine’s Box of Chocolates

Make-Your-Own Valentine’s Box of Chocolates

February 10, 2016

By Carolyn Malcoun,

Unfortunately for my husband, I wasn’t born with a sweet tooth — I was born with what I like to call a salty-fatty tooth (mmm, chips…) But I do like to make him sweet treats every once in a while. We’re trying to save money this year, so I decided that in lieu of a gift for Valentine’s Day, I’d give him what he really wants.

And what my man really wants is really simple (whew). He wants chocolate. He’s not too picky about the kind of chocolate, though he prefers it dark, and he’ll eat it plain, with fruit or with nuts. So when he’s out skiing with his buddies the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make him a box of chocolates. Here are the recipes I’m going to put in it.

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