Mary, Did You Know – Christmas Carols Lyrics & Music

Mary Did You Know – Traditional Hymn & Spiritual Song Lyrics with Orchestral backing music.

Mary, Did You Know
Words & Music by: Buddy Greene,Mark Lowry
CCLI Song Number: 839225

For singers: where possible, these recordings are mostly formatted as follows:
Centre: Soprano (violin/piccolo/flute), Bass (Acoustic Bass/Contrabass)
Right 100% Alto (clarinet), Left 100% Tenor (oboe/tuba/trombone)

This video is part of the Collection of Traditional Songs & Hymns, with Lyrics and PDF. To be found at:
Also see our Christmas music collections on the above site from whence originate the Christmas carols and songs found on this YouTube channel.
The display is formatted like the sort of projection you might see in a church, thus I hope, making them useful in a worship setting, perhaps also for choir practice as most of the arrangements are based on the SATB model.
I have mostly used the original or traditional version of the song but there are a few more modern versions. Copyright and author information including the CCLI song number (where available) are provided on the first screen of the video.

Most of the lyrics and tunes are public domain, my music performance of the tune mentioned (sound recording) is copyright© Rod Smith, but permission is granted for free non-commercial, worship and education purposes.
In the case of an item that is still in copyright this video should be considered a “cover version” and will likely be subject to YouTube’s and the author’s copyright.

Please let me know if you have any problems with them, particularly as regard speed or music or other errors.
Updates & corrections: Some of the songs have 2nd or even 3rd versions to handle some problem or deficiency, in these cases a link to the new version of the video will be provided from the original.

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    Mary, Did You Know Words & Music by: Buddy Greene, Mark Lowry CCLI Song Number: 839225

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