Meghan Trainor Tells Howard Stern Why She Took Down ‘Me Too’ Video

Singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show this morning, fresh off the boss move of having her latest video ‘Me Too,’ pulled for unauthorized retouching.

Stern wasted no time asking about it, “You had your video pulled from YouTube because they did a camera trick where they made your waist smaller…”

“Yeah, and it was a thing where I asked them, can you hide my mustache,” Trainor openly admitted, “And take off my mole hair…”

Stern of course, jumped in, “You’ve got a mustache?”

“You know, like peach fuzz, up close and personal,” Trainor explained. “For those close ups, you never know. So I just asked them to do that. But I never said like…cut off my rib. And I saw screenshots the fans were taking on Instagram and I was like ‘why are the fans messing with my waist?’ And I was like ‘Oh my god, that’s not the fans, that’s my video.’“

Stern asked how she got it pulled and Trainor explained, “I called every head of [my] label, I called LA Reid, Sylvia Rhone, I called all of them. Take this video down, I don’t care what it takes, take it down. I’m the posterchild for no photoshop, that is my thing!”

“And it’s an insult!” exclaimed Stern.

“Just don’t make it like so fake,” Trainor explained to Stern. “If you look at the picture it’s like really…it looks like surgery would have had to do this.”

Trainor was also upset because she had put in the time to look good without photoshop magic. “I worked so hard. That was 2am, I had Spanx, corset, I had everything. I couldn’t have got more compliments that night, like ‘wow you look so snatched.’ And for them to cut off another half, why would I wear all that torture?”

And then Trainor got into why she’s happy just the way she is. “I work out nowadays just to stay healthy, that’s the only thing keeping me alive so far. But I haven’t flutcuated since high school. When I look in the mirror I see the same thing since high school.”

“This is who you are,” Stern said.

Listen to the full interview on Soundcloud.


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