Middle School Was a Weird Time Already, but These 17 Things Made It Tougher

1. When you had to put a sweatshirt over your HILARIOUS shirt because your teachers hated happiness.

2. When your teacher started going through some changes…

3. When your 3-ring binder wanted the world to burn.

4. When your happy erasing times came to a screeching halt.

5. When you had to figure out a way to make this impossible DIY project work.

6. Because if you didn't…this nonsense was the result.

7. When your dad gets word of the school dance, despite all your best efforts…

8. When you realized your assignment for next class was at the bottom of this nuclear waste site.

9. When your sharpener was a literal piece of shit.

10. Another one…just to drive the point home.

11. When your notebook crumbled into complete anarchy.

12. When every single other marker ran out of marker ink.

13. When the worst day in all of gym days came around.

14. When your retainer had the escape skills of Houdini.

15. When you didn't feel like spending money on a new pack of pencils.

16. When 3-hole-punches were unpredictable and cruel.

17. When your notebook fell apart faster than Marissa Cooper's life.