The Most Beautiful First Ladies in the World

The 10 Most Beautiful First Ladies in the World


The first women of any country have so many responsibilities, which we probably do not notice in general. However, everyone is aware that one of the greatest liability of first ladies are to take care of their husbands as they could remain sound well even if anything is going on in the country affair. For this, every one of them has are aware that they have to look beautiful in general at any occasion.

10. Dominique Ouattara


The first lady of Dominique Ouattara. She is undoubtedly one of the best gorgeous first ladies in the world instead of just in Africa. This gorgeous beauty was born in the territory French Algeria, Constantine in 1953. Dominique later shifted to Ivory Coast with her family in 1975. Late Jean Folloroux married Dominique, who expired in 1984 year. Later in 1991, she married to Alassane Ouattara. Alassane Ouattara was the BCEAO’s Deputy Governor; he is at present the president of Coast of Ivory. Dominique married to a Muslim. Dominique was a real-estate business person and owner and CEO of different businesses

9. Queen Jetsun Pema

queen pema

The first lady Queen Jetsun Pema is from Bhutan. She looks amazingly beautiful. In fact, if you are going to search the cutest looking woman in the world will not find anyone other than Queen Jetsun Pema. She was born 4th June of 1990. The youngest first lady of my prepared rundown is Queen Jetsun Pema, and that may be another reason that she is most beautiful women of the planet. The ‘Dragon Queen’ is the wife of Bhutan King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. She finished her study from College of Regent, London. She had done a study in Psychology and International Relations. The dragon queen additionally loves painting, artistic activities, and basketball.

8. Princess Lalla Salma

princess lalla

The wife of King Mohammed is Princess Lalla Salma VI. The woman of Morocco ruler has received so much popularity with her gorgeousness. The incredibly beautiful first lady Lalla was born in the territory of Morocco, Fez. On 10th May of 1978, she took birth in an upper-middle class family. The father of Lalla was a school teacher. Her parents died in 1981 when she was the just 3-year young kid. She went to take care of her grandmother in Rabat after the case. Princess Lalla became an engineer and worked as an information service engineer by profession in the biggest private company of Morocco and at this time she was a bachelor. Princess Lalla Salma loves health matters, in many country visits, she has represented her husband.

7. Sylvia Bongo Ondimba


The next incredibly beautiful woman of my prepared rundown is Sylvia Bongo Ondimba. She is the Gabon’s first lady. Sylvia born and but did not grown up in Paris, France. On 11th March of 1965, she took birth and right after few months the parents of Bongo transferred to Douala for work. The most of Sylvia’s time had spent in Douala; later she moved to Tunisia. Some years after, she received Christian and academic education, at the Institution of Libreville Immaculate Conception. Sylvia got married in 1989 with Ali Bongo Ondimba. The title of being the first lady found in 2009 at the time of her husband become Gabon’s president.

6. Queen Letizia

queen letzia

Another stunning and gorgeous woman of this rundown is Queen Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. She is the first lady of Spain. The wife of King Felipe VI became the first woman in 2014. Letizia took birth in the territory of Spain, Oviedo. In a middle-class family, she born on 15th September of 1972. The father of Queen Letizia was a journalist. The mother of her was a professional nurse. Letizia finished her bachelor’s studies from Madrid’s University. Before she married, she was a news journalist and anchor. She was one of audience favorites on the TV screen.

5. Michelle Obama


Undoubtedly, Michelle Obama is a standout amongst the greatest ladies on the planet today, attributable to the way that she married to a standout amongst the most capable men in the world; Barack Obama – who doesn’t know about the President of the United States. The United States’ leading African-American first woman and one of the greatest good examples for ladies the entire world. Michelle Obama is an incredibly excellent and beautiful wife, and she has awesome taste in the garments she wears, her accessories, the cosmetics she puts on, and even how she styles her hair. Michelle Obama took birth in Chicago on 17th January of 1964. She is an author and a legal counselor.

4. Angelica Rivera


The astoundingly delightful Angelica Riviera is the present Mexico’s first lady. Inferable from the way that her better half Enrique Peña Nieto is the Mexico’s president. To demonstrate how smart, beautiful and delightful Angelica is, I want to tell that she is a model and an on-screen character. The lovely voice of her qualified her to become the best Mexican artist of the nation. Angelica took birth in the city of Mexico on 2nd August of 1969.

3. Asma al-Assad


Asma Al-Assad is the present Syria’s first lady, and notwithstanding all the contention surrounding to her or the issues about the ISIL, no one can deny the fact that Asma is boiling. She was born in Syrian guardians on 11th August of 1975. She spent the vast majority of her adolescence years and training in the territory of UK. Here, she went to and finished her education at London’s King’s school with a degree of Bachelor of Science. She had worked in worldwide venture managing an account before getting tied to Bashar Al-Assad – present Syrian president in 2000.

2. Mehriban Aliyeva


Mehriban Aliyeva is an exceptionally wonderful lady, the spouse of Ilham Aliyev, who is the present Azerbaijan’s president. She took birth in the territory of Azerbaijan, Baku. She was born in nation’s most powerful family on 26th August of 1964. Mehriban was incredible in the performance in her school time, choosing to study again after her marriage to Ilham Aliyev in 1981. Later on, she did her graduations from the Medical University of Azerbaijan.

1. Queen Rania

queen rania

Ruler Rania Al-Abdullah is a perfect portrayal of what a delightful lady resembles. She is the first lady of Jordan. She was born in the territory of Kuwait on 31st August of 1970. Rania worked for Citibank and afterward for Apple Inc. before she got pinned to the Prince Abdullah bin Al-Hussein. Hr is the present Jordan’s King. Queen Rania is beautiful to the point that Queen Magazine and Harpers positioned her as a gorgeous first lady on the planet in 2011.



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