1. Kashmir Earthquake



Then Kashmir earthquake took place on October 8th , 2005 at approximately 8.50 Pakistani times. It had a ritcher magnitude strength of 7.6. The epicenter of this quake was about 19km from the city of Muzaffarabad. Schools, hospitals, rescue services and its large parts capital city Azad Kashmir were severely hit. Although the official death toll was about 87,350, it was estimated that more than 100,000 people lost their lives. It also hit parts of neighboring Afghanistan and India.



  1. Messina Earthquake



The Messina earthquake which hit Messina and Reggio cities in Italy had a magnitude of 7.1 almost reducing these two cities to complete rubble. This happened on 28th December 1908 at about 5.20am. Messina experienced the quake for about 40 seconds destroying more than 90% of structures and taking about 70000 lives. Shortly after, a tsunami of 39-foot tsunami hit the city. Reggio, part of the mainland Italy also took a hit.  In total, the official death toll was 123,000.



  1. Haiti Earthquake


The catastrophic Haitian earthquake of 24th January 2010 hit with a magnitude of 7.0. Listed among the deadliest earthquakes, more than three million inhabitants’ suffered great losses. The body count lay between 100000 to 31600. More than 80,000 business buildings and 250000 homes collapsed after a record fifty two aftershocks that hit the small nation. Considering the poverty that that had plagued the country before the quake hit, the United Nations estimated that the nation would take more than 10 years to recover and rebuild.


  1. Indian Ocean Earthquake


indian ocean

The Indian Sea seismic quake happened on 26th December 2004 at 12:58am. It had a magnitude of 9.1 -9.3. The epicenter of the megathrust quake was in the shoreline of Indonesia, Sumatra. It triggered a 98 feet tsunami that devastated countries that border the Indian Ocean, as far as Somalia in East Africa.

On the Richter scale, the quake was one of the most devastating natural phenomena in history, taking more than 230000 lives with it. The quake was extremely fierce that the entire earth shook. Its ripple effects caused series of mini-quakes in parts of Alaska.



  1. Haiyuan Earthquake


Haiyuan quake hit this region on 16th December 1920. The quake extremely devastated most of the Haiyuan-Lijunbu region with a magnitude of 7.8. The death toll was over 270000. Aftershocks that lasted 3 years compounded to more miseries. All the buildings were flattened in the wake of the quake. As it was approaching when the quake hit, those who survived perished from the intense cold.

  1. Ashgabat Earthquake



The Ashgabat quake hit with a magnitude of 7.3. This took place on 6th October 1948 in the Ashgabat region of Turkmenistan. The total fatalities were more than 110,000 causing nearly all structures to be wiped out. Parts of the neighboring Iran were also affected.



  1. Great Kanto Earthquake



This quake brought obliteration the Tokyo-Yokohama territory on 1st September 1923 with a magnitude of 7.9. Firestorms caused by the quake burnt over 600000 homes. Almost 6 feet of plate uplift was seen on the Sagami Inlet. Yokohama and Tokyo were the most devastated. More than 100000 people lost their lives while over 40000 not found were pronounced dead.





  1. Hongdong Earthquake




This quake hit on 25th September 1303 in China which was at that time a Mongol empire. It is one of the deadliest in history hitting with a magnitude of 8.0 near what is now Hongdong town. Over 200000 lives were lost while 100000 buildings were leveled to the ground. It was even reported that some of the sprawling hills and mountains were also leveled.



  1. Tangshan Earthquake



This catastrophic earthquake hit Hebei, China on the 27th of July 1976 and hit with a magnitude of 7.5. The fatalities were among the worst in history. More than 250,000 lives were lost although it is estimated that the number could have been as high as 600,000 making it the second most devastating in history.



  1. Shaanxi Earthquake



This quake happened in the Shaanxi region, on 2rd January 1556, registering a magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale. Fatality-wise, it is the deadliest earthquake ever recorded in history. Over 830,000 individuals died as a result. Geographical impacts reported with this seismic tremor included ground fissures from the ground, liquefaction, avalanches and subsidence.

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