Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About Stars!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About Stars! From the biggest stars in our solar system to other bizarre facts about our universe, this top 10 list of strangest astronomy facts will amaze you!

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10. Star Classifications
Have you ever noticed that stars names are kind of complicated? You may have seen sci-fi shows or movies where they give stars a category, but things are actually far more complicated. There are 11 different letter classifications, each that refer to a star’s temperature, luminosity, and color. O and B type stars, for example, usually appear to be blue, and are some of the hottest objects seen in the universe..

9. Stars Don’t Twinkle
I know, sad but true right? When you look up to the clear sky at night you’ll see a wide range of stars. Looking closely, you will probably even see some of them twinkling, but this apparent switching on and off of the light has nothing to do with the actual stars themselves.

8. How big do stars get?
While our own star, the sun, is a fairly common type throughout the galaxy, there are ones that absolutely dwarf it in terms of size and brightness. In fact, every single star that you see in the night sky is many times larger and brighter than the sun, because it’s only those that produce enough light to reach us.

7. How many stars?
How many stars do you think there are in the Universe? The amazing thing is that, no matter how huge a number you guess, there are probably far, far more out there. To understand how many there actually are, astronomers first calculate the estimated number of galaxies. With our current understanding, it’s thought that there are about 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe, stretched out across 45.7 billion light years.

6. Red and Blue
While many images that we see of stars in space have been created with a certain amount of artistic license, there’s one thing for sure… stars can be seen in a wide range of colors, but what we learn from these colors is somewhat counter-intuitive. Two of the colors most often seen are red and blue. On earth, we typically associate the color red with things that are hot, like a fire or a glowing hot piece of metal, and the color blue is more associated with things that are cold, such as ice.

5. How close are stars?
When you look at the sky, especially on a clear night, it seems like the stars are quite close to each other. Our grouping of them together into constellations also gives the impression that there’s not a great distance between them, but this couldn’t be further from reality.

4. Star Groups
Despite the vast distances between star systems, our sun is actually unusual for the fact that it’s on its own. Most stars actually tend to cluster together into groups of two or more. Bound by the gravitational forces, as many as 60 per cent of stars remain in these groups.

3. Star Brightness
Stars come in a variety of shapes and sizes… and brightness. The brightest star in our sky is, of course, our sun… but it’s pretty unremarkable in the grand scheme of things. The dimmest star to have ever been recorded is a brown star called RG 0058.8-2807. It is also the smallest star to have been detected, at only 0.014 times the size of our own sun… and is one million times less bright.

2. The Stars We See At Night
We’ve already seen how there are about 1 septillion stars in the observable universe, but how many do you think are observable with the eye from earth? If you look up on a clear night from a place with no light pollution, the entire sky is dotted with stars, but you’re not seeing anywhere near as many as you may think.

1. How long do stars live?
The life expectancy of a star is directly related to its total mass, which indicates how much fuel it has to burn. Somewhat counter-intuitively, those with the biggest mass die much quicker than those that start with less. This is because the bigger the mass of the star, the faster it burns its supply of fuel.

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