MOST Popular Viral Photos Explained

You all see those pictures and stories shared on your feeds that just seem to get everyone talking. But how many of those do you actually know the real story behind? Found out on this list of viral photos explained.

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6. Not Impressed
You’ll recognize this as the face of McKayla Maroney, an American artistic gymnast who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics as part of the Fierce Five from the United States. Not only is she famous for doing all that, but her face was memed during the medal ceremony for which she won silver during the vault finals. The picture was dubbed as Maroney looking not impressed–which, in regular everyday life, is a pretty common and relatable feeling. Thus a meme was born, and really, by itself, the photo is a pretty useful reaction image. As for Maroney herself, it seems she doesn’t mind too much of this different level of fame her face as reached.

5. Superhero Window Washers
Imagine being inside a building and seeing Iron man and Spider-Man washing the windows outside. Nope, this wasn’t a scene of the set of the new Avengers movie. These spandex clad individuals took over window washing duty outside the Kingston General Hospital in Ontario Canada. Lots of the children at the hospital rushed to the windows in delight to catch their favorite superheroes doing their day job. For 3 hours, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Thor, GI Joe, and Spider-Man tried their hand at window washing, an effort by the window cleaners to spread some cheer for the young visitors at the hospital.

4. Shoelace Chargers
You might have seen this photo on the internet and thought, “sure, it’s ridiculous, but is this in anyway useful? If so how does this work?” It’s the portable charger you’ve never seen–most literally “on-the-go.” But where exactly did this image come from? And is there such a thing as battery charging Reeboks? Not really. See, this viral image as created by artist Tom Galle, known as “charging shoelaces.” Galle specializes in digital creation for the internet where his works aim for all things part of internet culture, technology, art, and memes. This is just 1 photo from the charging shoe laces collection, which was a project that were said to be effectively reposted on meme accounts.

3. Face On Mars
The face on mars is a well-known landmark–or at least a landmark people think they know about. When referring to the region on Mars where the face is located, called Cydonia, people often use this photo taken from the surface of Mars thanks to a satellite. This is just a little portion of the Cydonia region, yet it has achieved online notoriety for the proper creeps and intrigue it dishes out to people who see it. However, it might disappoint some of you to know that if you took a zoomed in look at this region, you’ll see that formation on the surface to not so closely resemble a face after all. In fact, the speckled image you see have dots that are due to data errors from the equipment that took the picture. So really, when you see what an un-botched picture looks like from Cydonia, it really doesn’t look like a face.

2. Blood On Deck
Or rather, it was blood on deck scare. This photo hit ultimate viral status when it was first discovered from an image on Google Maps taken over Almere (aul meer), Netherlands in 2013. Almere is actually one of the newest cities in the Netherlands, so making its mark on the map was already quite the mark in history. At first glance, many thought that was a blood trail leading to the water. Once everything got confusing enough, people started saying that it was an image that caught someone disposing of a body. After some deeper digging, it seems this was not the case at all. What you see on the wood is just water, being trailed in by someone’s dog who had gone for a swim. The dog’s owner even came forward after the photo got famous enough, saying that shape near the standing human was her dog, not a human’s body.

Marilyn Monroe’s Size
When referring to body image and body positivity, many people like to point at Marilyn Monroe, who was known for her more robust figure. And the photo that is often used is that of her in this bathing suit on the beach–which was already a classic before the internet was born. However, the photo is often accompanied with an explanation that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. But after some digging, it seemed she really was closer to a size 8. This came as a bit a disappointment to people who found out the truth. Still, body positivity is to be encouraged. Even though she wasn’t exactly plus sized, Monroe is closer to a healthy weight and average size for female women in America anyway.



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