1. Turkish Army



With a front line active military personnel totaling 410,500, the Turkish army is a formidable force. It is the largest in the eastern Mediterranean. It possesses a huge fleet of tanks. There are about 3,780. With an annual military spending of USD $ 18.2 billion, this number is expected to increase. Further, rapid modernization is making it formidable force.


  1. United Kingdom



The United Kingdom army is one of the stringently trained force. It has an active battle ready personnel of about 146,980. It owns 406 ultra modern tanks. Although budgetary constraints have made it downsize its force by 20% from 2010 to 2018, it is still able to wage wars all across the globe. Its intelligence unit makes it a fearsome force.


  1. Italy



The Italian army has been great. It has over 320,000 active frontlines officers, supported by 596 tanks. With aircraft carriers and a huge fleet of attack helicopters, it is able to successfully fight enemies far and wide.



  1. South Korea

south korea


This tiny nation’s army is huge. This is due to its proximity to an unpredictable and aggressive neighbor – the North Korea. Being that they are still tactically at war, it has boosted its army with 624,465 battle ready personnel. They are backed by 2,381 tanks and submarine. It has the world’s sixth largest air force fleet. With an annual budget of USD $ 62.3 Billion, has the ability to protect its prowess.


  1. France


Despite a modest annual budget of USD $ 62.3 billion, the French army is one of the most experienced. Its 202,761 frontline active personnel does not diminish its capability. It is highly trained. It is perhaps the only country in the world to unilaterally sent its army to nearly all conflict regions in Africa. Here they help restore stability and fight extremists. This makes them agile in all climatic conditions. Their highly mechanized armored personnel carriers and 423 tanks and aircrafts can be lifted anywhere in the world.


  1. India




India has the third largest army after the US and China. Its active frontline personnel are a staggering 1,325,000. These supported by 6,464 tanks, it is poised to reinforce its strength. Its annual budget of USD $ 50 billion makes it one of the largest military spenders measured at the GDP proportion.




  1. Japan


The land of the samurai does not equip its army cheap. Though it has an army of 247,173 personnel, their advance weapon and training makes them one of the strongest armies on earth. Though their pacifist constitution forbids overseas deployment, the East China sea conflicts have rekindled the arms race. It’s annual military spending of USD $ 41.6 billion will only increase.



  1. China




Tremendous economic growth has made China the world’ second largest economy. Naturally, therefore, its army expanded and modernized with times. With a galloping annual military budget currently at USD $ 216 billion, its scale of modernization and expansion over the last decade has been great. Its personnel of 2,333,000 makes it’s the largest army by number. They have over 9,000 tanks to do the land invasion. Its active research and development programs are rapidly closing the gap between it and the two military superpowers


  1. Russia



Ever since the era of USSR, Russia military might has been breathtaking. Despite the downwards economic spiral, it has maintained a complex army spread over its huge territory. They have an annual budget of USD 84.5 billion, 766,055 battle trained personnel and 15,400 tanks. These are beside the nuclear arsenal and space-military-industrial installations and technologies. Its might will further be increased with the current Kremlin new military doctrine



  1. The United States of America.



Clearly the worlds policeman. The United States Army is the greatest. With 1.2 million service men, 8,848 tanks and aircraft carriers already on deployment in all the six oceans, its might and experience is undisputed. It’s huge military budget of USD $ 601 billion allows for high tech military gadgetry as well as the largest nuclear arsenal.

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