Need A Wall Built? Why Settle For Boring Bricks When You Could Have This!

Kunert and Zettl create these pieces — which can reach hundreds of feet — from thousands of carefully chosen stones.

Spheres and other geometric forms are included in the walls as foils to the natural shapes of the rest of the stones.

Swirling, labyrinthine patterns and focal points like spheres and crystals are a hallmark of their creations.

Many of their pieces include outdoor walls.

Though subtle, the wavelike pattern in this wall sets it apart from your average stone walls.

Panels like this one can also be used to add flair to an outdoor kitchen.

Stones can also be brought inside, transforming a regular home into an earthy retreat.

Some of their pieces, like this fireplace, are carved out of one massive stone.

This fireplace, inspired by an ancient burial ground near the clients’ home, incorporates a piece of a tree.


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