New Doritos Flavor, Doritos Mix, Hits Stores

Some good news for indecisive Doritos lovers out there: A new Doritos variety packs four different Doritos snacks of varying shapes and flavors into one bag. 

Doritos Mix, currently in stores nationwide, comes in two versions: Cheese Explosion and Ultimate Taco. Both feature the classic Doritos triangle, Dinamita rolled tortilla, a twist, and an open triangle in various cheese and taco-inspired flavors.

Yahoo Food editors got their hands on both varieties, and can report that there’s not a ton of nuance to either. There are some vaguely taco-like notes in the Ultimate Taco, but beyond that everything tastes like corn chips encrusted in Doritos dust. Not that that’s a bad thing — we found ourselves absentmindedly chomping through the Cheese Explosion flavor, because what’s not to like?

Doritos Mix comes in two sizes — a 3.0-oz. bag for the suggested price of $1.49 and a 9.5-oz bag for the suggested price of $4.29.

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