Now That The Holidays Are Over, These Animals Are Seriously Depressed

1.) “I refuse to pose nicely for photos until next year’s Christmas card photo.”

2.) “I just want to be alone, okay?”

3.) “All I wanted was that squeaky chicken. Instead, I got this ratty white ball.”

4.) “I feel like the world is just black and white now – I don’t see colors anymore.”

5.) “So many feelings.”

6.) “Now, I wait…”

7.) “I will shed one tear, and that’s it.”

8.) “Partied. Too. Much.”

9.) “I really should have rationed those bananas. I always do this!”

10.) “I’m so depressed that even this rock is comforting to me.”

11.) “Glass half full? I can stop wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and go back to my usual track suits…”

12.) “This is the worst day ever. Just stop talking to me!”

13.) “So, no more presents?”

14.) “Time to start eating my feelings.”

15.) “What else is there to look forward to, the 4th of July? IT’S NOT THE SAME!”

16.) “What about all those leftovers – can I at least get in on that?”

17.) “Zebras love Christmas, too, you know!”

18.) “I’m just so worried that there won’t BE another Christmas!”

19.) “Are you sure it’s not Christmas again, tomorrow?”


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