OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 1 – The Shadowy Figure

“O.J. Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” is a new, episodic series of mini-documentaries which will shine a light on widespread misconceptions about the various aspects of the O.J. Simpson saga.

Each episode focuses on a single topic — all of which are well-known stories and/or “facts” [claims] that are widely believed and often retold but have no basis in fact. Using the most credible material, in less than 10 minutes, each episode will dispel popular misconceptions and correct widely-held but erroneous beliefs about a given topic.

The first episode of “O.J. Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” examines if the limo driver saw a shadowy figure running across O.J. Simpson’s lawn and entering O.J.’s house just minutes after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

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